Sunday, July 21, 2013

What's for Dinner?

We pretty much stuck to the plan last week.  We are at it again this week...trying to eat healthier and trying NOT to eat out as much.  Here's the plan:
 *I use my PaperDoll Designs Dry Erase Menu Board that is very similar to the above pic to keep my family "in the know" about what's for dinner each week.
SUNDAY: Lemon Chicken
I'm officially starting my 28 day challenge today.  For the next 28 days I am going to do my best to eat (mostly) whole foods and exercise 6 days a week.  I'm starting out with lemon chicken (got the recipe from the 28 day challenge book) and hopefully we will have some left over for lunches this week.
MONDAY:  Scramblers
Always a favorite at our house!  I won't be able to add the cheese and the side of hash browns but I'm still looking forward to my egg, avocado and tomato scrambler.

TUESDAY:  Hamburgers
I love grillin' nights.  Nathan's in charge of dinner!
I'm trying a new recipe...ginger halibut.  I'm sure all 3 kids will be thrilled! Not really...we're still working on our love of fish over here.
THURSDAY:  Pasta Night
Since I'm going all whole foods on the fam, I'm going to use a brown rice pasta.  I'm sure the kids will be thrilled about this too.
FRIDAY:  Eat Out
I'm not cooking EVERY night!  I am worried about eating out during my 28 days though so I might just declare this a FIFI night.  At our house we have FIFI nights on the nights that mom's too tired to cook.  Find It, Fix it.
I'm making lots of chicken on Sunday so we can freeze some and then use it for veggie stir fry on Saturday.  I think I'll even get out the wok for this one.
That's what I'm making this week!  I'd love to hear what you are having!!  Maybe in the future I will get all blog savvy and do one of those "What's for Dinner" linky thingy majigs. 
In the meantime, don't be shy and leave me a comment.   I'm always looking for new dinner ideas!
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