Sunday, July 28, 2013

What's for Dinner?

We did it!  We stuck to the plan last week.  I actually ate at home every night (gold star) and the rest of the family ate pizza out once.  We are at it again this week...trying to eat healthier and trying NOT to eat out as much.  Here's the plan:
 *I use my PaperDoll Designs Dry Erase Menu Board that is very similar to the above pic to keep my family "in the know" about what's for dinner each week.
SUNDAY: Chicken Lettuce Wraps
I'm getting a little creative this week.  I'm trying to prepare meals that work with my 28 day whole foods challenge so I can eat the same thing as the family.  We've never done lettuce wraps before so I'm not sure how this one will go over.  Not sure it will be kid approved but we'll see.
MONDAY:  Scramblers
Scramblers have pretty much become a Monday night regular. Everyone chooses their own "add-ins" so no one complains.  I'm thinking broccoli and tomato for mine.

TUESDAY:  Mexican Sweet Potato Skins
I'll have to omit some ingredients from this recipe and I'm pretty sure that the kids will eat theirs in tortillas instead but I'm excited to try this.  I have a new found love for sweet potatoes.
WEDNESDAY:  Lemon Caper Tilapia
I'm putting Nathan in charge on this night.  We love to do fish and veggies on the grill.  Really, I love to do any meal on the grill because it gets me out of cooking.
THURSDAY:  Spaghetti Squash
I am determined to get the consistency right this time.  There must be some sort of secret trick to spaghetti squash.  Either I cook it too long or I don't cook it long enough.  This week, I'm going to get it right.  This little vegetable still fascinates me.  It's amazing how it turns into "noodles" when you cook it. 
FRIDAY:  Grilled Lemon Chicken
I never cook on Friday nights but I'm going to try not to eat out during my whole foods challenge because I really want to stick to it and I'm afraid I'd cave at a restaurant. 
It's back on the menu this week because everyone loves it.  The kids like their chicken and veggies over skinny noodles.  Nathan and I have ours over brown rice.
That's what I'm making this week!  I'd love to hear what you are having!!  I'm always looking for new dinner ideas!
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