Sunday, October 12, 2008

#10, #12, #17, #24, #27, and #32...CHECK

I can't believe I waited this long to blog about what will probably be the most fabulous part of my birthday month! Last Monday after we got the kids off to school, The Baker and I snuck off to Dallas. He had a work thing and invited me to tag along. I was SO EXCITED!! I've reminded you time and time again that I love all three of my children BUT the idea of riding in a car without having to turn around to hand someone a sippy cup, blow someone's nose, restart a dvd, open a bag of fruit chews or tell someone to stop hitting the passenger next to them sounded simply fabulous. PLUS, I knew I would be able to check several items off of MY LIST!!!

#10 I did check my emails but I didn't actually work so I'm counting this as one full day off!
#12 Anthropologie is my favorite place ever to shop for clothes. I ended up with a few things from there and realized when I left the store that everything I bought was grey or had lots of grey in it. SO I needed a great new pair of grey shoes. #12...check!

#17 I spent 2 full days with The Baker. No kids! A rare event in our lives!! This definitely counts as a date. It was so fun. We both agree that we should do this more often.
#24 We ate A LOT while we were there! A LOT!!! We passed a Ben & Jerry's while we were driving and I of course freaked out because I LOVE Ben & Jerry's and for some ridiculous reason they have not graced us with their presence here in Tulsa. We stopped but decided we should eat lunch first. There was a WichWich close by and neither of us had ever eaten there so we decided to try it. At first I was thinking that a fast food sandwich shop was not going to be allowed to count as my #24 but after eating there, it's definitely counting. I LOVE WichWich. I love it so much as a matter of fact that I've been to the Tulsa WichWich twice since we got home. That's sad.

For those of you who think that is a pathetic choice for my #24, we also went to The Porch. Our friends Becka and Dave took us there and it was yummy. We went to TacoDiner for lunch on Tuesday and I'll be going back there for sure! YUMMY!!

#27 Nora's Christmas shopping is pretty much done. American Girl...check!

#32 This is my very favorite check mark so far! I never thought #32 would be checked off my list. I had no idea we'd be going to Dallas this month and I actually had no idea there was a Nothing Bundt Cakes there. The Baker and I drove about 30 minutes out of our way just to go here and I am so glad we did. The people working there must have thought I was crazy. I walked around this tiny little bakery a million times looking at all their cute cake stands and aprons and all the cute displays. They only have a few flavors of the mini bundt cakes out each day and we got a chocolate chip and a carrot cake. The Baker ate the whole carrot cake and said it was great. The chocolate chip was fabulous. We got to taste test the lemon and it was so yummy. I'm not even a big fan of lemon but it was delicious. We need one of these here...if only I had some spare time...oh yeah and about a million dollars to buy a franchise.

While this trip was so much fun it probably means I'll be crossing off #3, 4 and 23. Dave Ramsey wouldn't approve.

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  1. Dave are hilarious! Love that! Glad to see you are finally taking a little time for yourself, too, by the way.


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