Sunday, October 26, 2008

Remind me to take #11 off my list next year!

We woke up this morning and it was a beautiful day so we decided we would go to the pumpkin patch after church. Church was great, everyone was happy, we grabbed some snacks and we were on our way. When we pulled into the pumpkin patch we saw that quite possilby the entire Tulsa Metro area had decided that today was a perfect day to go to the patch. We decided to brave the crowds. We cheerfully got out of our car and suddenly ALL the Oklahoma winds came sweeping down the plain. There was a small dust storm and once we were attacked by flying hay it was over for my allergy ridden family. We were about two minutes into this little yearly tradition and the Jameison family with their itchy watery eyes was ready to hit the road. We braved it for as long as we could. There was no way I was going to give up before my kids had fed a goat (gross), walked through a pitch black hay maze (scary) and had their picture taken on top of a pile of dirty bruised pumpkins while they squinted into the sun (cute.) We came straight home and lined up the little medicine cups. A shot of Benadryl for all! What a fun time at the Pumpkin Patch!
Little Miss Nora can strike a model pose even when she's miserable!

Speaking of checkmarks gone wrong, I did take the little darlings to the super cute donut shoppe for super cute donuts last week. Graham had a skull and crossbones and Nora and Charlie had orange cats. I failed to mention it because after we had eaten and right as we were leaving the store my sweet Prince Charles threw up that orange cat. It was quite a memorable check on the birthday list. I don't do throw up. I failed to inherit that mother gene that makes throw up okay as long as it comes out of your own child.
I shouldn't post when I am suffering from allergies....I sound kinda cranky, huh?


  1. Love the hand on the hip. She is so cute!

  2. I certainly did not inherit that gene either...I gag the whole time I'm cleaning it up (which seems to be often at our house!) It seems like they always do it when Dad isn't around too!

  3. So funny!!! You would never know from the pics!!! Everyone looks happy and allergy free.

  4. Yep, we were part of the mob at the p patch, too. And I second the misery!! The wind was horrific!!!What happened to the beautiful weather we had going IN to church?? Somehow every year I forget what a miserable time we have at the pumpkin patch (& we always end up going to the grocery store after to buy our pumpkins for a REASONABLE price anyway!!)


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