Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

When I decided to make The List I promise I wasn't trying to hint that everyone should join in on my birthday celebration. I just feel like sometimes I look back at the end of a month, a week or even just a day and wonder where it went and whether we really enjoyed any of it. I didn't want my birthday month to go by without a little bit of joy. So far it has really worked. I've found myself taking the time to do things I probably wouldn't have done and I know that when I look back on this month I will know that my family did some really memorable and fun things. I think I will make this a tradition and encourage The Baker and the kids to make a list too. But I promise, I wasn't trying to say that everyone should celebrate. Still, I've been overwhelmed by all the birthday wishes and the ways that so many of my friends have helped out with The List.
Just the other day The Baker met his mom for lunch and she sent him home with a piece of cheesecake (#1 - check) and some flowers (#21 - check.) My sweet friend Lucy brought by the cutest Tatermash apron and bag as a "birthday month" gift. It was beautifully wrapped (#9 - check.) I opened the pink order container the other day to find another beautifully wrapped gift...Red Velvet Cake Philosophy shampoo dropped off by a sweet customer, Melissa. Melissa and I have never even met face to face. How sweet is she??
You won't believe this one. Remember #19? I decided that since I'm going to be super busy during the Christmas shopping season I would treat myself by having my house cleaned. I had received a really pretty little postcard in the mail from Bliss and I loved that they used green cleaning supplies and I just decided to give them a try. On the day of the cleaning this adorable girl showed up and it turns out that we know a lot of the same people and we go to the same church! Mischa did an amazing job, burned lavender oils as she cleaned and left chocolates on my bed!! I was sold!! Yesterday I checked the mail and noticed a card from her. I opened it up and about died! It was a "Birthday Month" card and she said to cross #3 and #4 off of my list. I was confused (I don't have my list memorized) and then I looked again and found a gift certificate for a manicure AND a pedicure!!! How wonderful is she???? Thank you Mischa!!! That was such a great surprise!!! You're the best!

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  1. melissa's last name doesn't start with a "Ph"...does it? that sounds like a melissa i know...

    anyway, happy birthday [month] friend...even thought i don't really know you that well...i feel like i do.



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