Thursday, October 23, 2008


This is major. I'm so excited about this check mark. At this moment (and it won't last long) all three of my kids' rooms and the game room (which is really just an over sized closet) are insanely organized. There's a place for everything and everything is in it's place. I've spent the past several days sorting and cleaning and saying "do you want this?" I got rid of all the unwanted, broken, never played with toys and games. Doll clothes are in the doll trunk, Lego's are in the Lego bin, Thomas the Train is on his train table. All the clothes hanging in their closet actually fit. Beds are made. There are even a few empty bins and baskets that will wait two long months for Santa to come. The unwanted toys that are still in good shape will be saved for our Christmas Eve tradition. Each year we leave some of our toys that we've outgrown underneath the tree for Santa to take and share with other kids. It's a great way for me to convince the little darlings to really weed out the old toys. It's amazing how fast they will hand over those toys if they think they are trading them in for new ones...and I'm hoping they are learning a lesson about helping others.
So Ashley, I'm sorry to rub it in, but this mission has been accomplished. Now I just can't let them back in their rooms.

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  1. So I read about how you like to go to Fiesta Mart to get a good Diet Dr Pepper and decided to give it a try myself. You are SO right! It's perfect! And, a route 44 is only $1.07. Beat that Sonic!

    Thanks for sharing your secret...I have been there three times already!


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