Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pictures and a few checkmarks...

Overt your eyes Obama voters...I heart the customer who ordered these!!!
Gingham Christmas SQUARE gift cards - Missy font - set of 24/$12
Hepburn Red Pencil Cup & Pen - sweetheart font...GREAT teacher gift!!!
Hepburn Blue Pencil Cup & Pen - Sweetheart font
Princess Lollipop Kit - Sweetheart font
Sabrena Stripe Pencil Cup & Sabrena Bubbles Large Notepads - Curlz font
GumDrops Blue & Orange Placemat - Andy font
PaperDoll Paisley Black & Tiffany Blue Note Cards - Susie's Hand font, PaperDoll Paisley Lime Note Cards - Sweetheart font & Blue Striped Shirt Bag Tag - Vingy font
Cowboy Flat Notes - Impervious FontDot Dot Darcy Red & Turquoise Note Cards - Curly Cue
Look what's waiting for me when I get up tomorrow! My sister in law Sabrena sent me a little something to help me accomplish #9 on my list. I LOVE me a beautifully wrapped gift! Who cares what's inside - okay maybe me, just a little. It's so cute!
Look at what my sweet friend Hollie brought for me yesterday when she helped me check #18 off my list by taking me out to lunch! Yummy!!! Thank you Hollie! BTW, we ate at Oliveto and if you like garlic A LOT you should go there. You should really, really like garlic though. A LOT!
It's not even my birthday yet, but let me just say that this has been the best birthday ever! I know tomorrow will be all about parties and costumes and candy but it won't matter because I have been celebrating all month long. Thank you so much to all of you that have sent sweet birthday wishes! I have loved the little surprises (like the Diet DP that Terra left in the pink PaperDoll container) and the well wishes that came throughout October. I have just really enjoyed celebrating life this month. It really hasn't been all about me...we've done some fun things with friends and family and I've gotten a lot of things accomplished this month. I may just start making a celebration list every month. As Mr. Magorium said, "Life is an occassion, rise to it!" Let's celebrate! At least until election day and then let's talk. I might not be celebrating then.

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