Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I've received so many emails and phone calls regarding the caffeine thing so I thought I would give you a little insight into my caffeine consumption. My mom was the original Britney Spears. She fed me Pepsi (which we always called Coke) in a bottle. Now in her defense, that was no big deal back then. No one would look at you like you were the worst mom ever if you gave your kids caffeine in the 70's. Every night my dad would line up three little red juice glasses and fill them with Pepsi (Coke) and my brother's and I would all have a little night cap, brush our teeth and go to bed. I recall on many, many, many occasions that my dad would have to run down the street to QT just to get a 2 liter of Pepsi (Coke) so his poor children could have their caffeine before bedtime. Throughout college I recall several boyfriends bringing me 12 packs of Pepsi (Coke) rather than flowers or other gifts. I loved it! If you know me well, you know that caffeine is the way to my heart. When Nathan and I got married I actually switched to Coke because that was what he drank. It made stocking the fridge much easier. I did quit caffeine cold turkey when I was pregnant with Graham, cut down to one every couple of days while pregnant with Nora, and let's not talk about my caffeine consumption while pregnant with Charlie. I'm a HUGE Diet D.P. fan now. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I drink about 6 - 8 cans a day. PLUS, I usually sneak in a fountain drink. BTW, the best Diet D.P. fountain drinks are at the Fiesta Mart at 91st and Delaware in Tulsa. I'm just saying...
So, just to answer all the emails and phone calls I have no desire to cut Diet D.P. entirely. I seriously think I might slip into some sort of coma if I tried. I cut down to 1 a day last week and I'm not sure I would have considered myself in a fully functioning state. I've decided 2 -3 a day is good for me. That's much better than 8+...don't you think??


  1. I am cracking up at this post. Let me tell you something that made me feel better about my DP consumption while pregnant. One of my best friends had twins a year ago at 33 weeks and they immediately put them on caffeine to help their hearts. I figure if it is good enough for a preemie, it's good enough for me! ;) Is that awful or what?!

  2. Now I know Karen came to my defense of being Britney Spears Jr., but I have to come to it too.Back then, as she said, the doctor never said anything about caffeine and children. In fact, they would tell us to give it to our babies for colic. Made them burp I guess. Now for a real Britney moment....I smoked while
    pregnant with her 6 year older brother, was never told to quit. They
    even had ashtrays in the hospital rooms. Have things changed? Karen's hippie dippie Mom
    Disclaimer: I reget the smoking more. If you smoke, quit, if you don't, don' start.

  3. Funny...I remember those coke gifts. I am proud of you for reducing your caffeine intake. You can do it!

  4. I love me some regular DP! And I'd kill for a QT coke icee about now...darn them for not having QT's in the city (aka OKC for you T-towners!)!


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