Sunday, June 2, 2013

What's for dinner this week?

I'm posting our menu again this week with high hopes that it will keep me cooking at home.  We didn't do awesome last week...Oklahoma weather messed up our grilling night and our kid's social lives messed up another.  The BBQ food truck was calling our name one night too.  We only get a 4 out of 7 for last week.  I'm determined that this week will be better.
SUNDAY: Grilled Salmon & Veggies
It's supposed to be beautiful here on Sunday.  No tornado warnings...thank God.  We'll be grilling out for sure.
MONDAY:  Breakfast Casserole
I'm excited to try this recipe.  Nathan and I are not huge Canadian bacon fans but all three kids LOVE it so we're going to give it a try for our weekly Breakfast for Dinner night.
UPDATE:  We just had this and while it was YUMMY and the kids all liked it, it was REALLY salty even though I only put about 1/2 of the salt it called for.  Next time I will not use salt and just salt it afterwards if needed.
TUESDAY:  Chicken & Noodles
This one was a request from the kids.  They love it.  Nothing could be easier...crockpot...happy mom.
WEDNESDAY:  Beef Teriyaki
I'm pulling this one out of the freezer from my Once a Month Cooking Group.
THURSDAY:  Pasta & Meatballs
I'm also pulling out the last batch of meatballs from my Once a Month Cooking Group.  Everyone loves them.  No "gross" comments will be heard tonight.
FRIDAY:  Eat Out
I'm not cooking EVERY NIGHT!!
SATURDAY:  French Dips
We used to make these all the time but we had forgotten about them.  Graham mentioned them the other day so they made the menu for this week. 
What are you having for dinner this week??  I'd love to know!  Maybe it will make my menu for next week!

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