Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A New Summer 'Do

I have a fear of "selfies."  Actually, I have a fear of the camera in matter who's taking the picture!  I'm really bad about deleting pictures of myself because of the hereditary nose, bad hair days, circles under my eyes, bad posture, weird neck, etc.  I have a million excuses that get a big eye roll out of my husband.  I need to stop doing that.  My kids need to have pictures with me in them and I for sure don't need to be showing my kids, especially Nora, how self conscious/vain I can sometimes be.  A new do is the perfect excuse to post a selfie, right?  It's been 6 months (yes, half a year!) since I've had my hair cut or colored!  My girl, the amazing Allie at Tulsa Style has been out having a baby girl but Tuesday was her first day back.  I decided to be a little crazy and got some caramel colored streaks.  I'm thinking I dig it.  It makes me feel young (bye bye gray) and crazy! 
While you're here, make sure you click on over to my fave blog, (blog crush?) and enter to win this awesome chair:
I'm really hoping I win!!

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  1. love the streak of color!

  2. Very cute. Maybe you will be like me someday and get a monthly new do. I am slowing down now. Same color for a year or more. Still monthly styles. Straight, curly, right part, left mark.❤


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