Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Picture Post

Happy Wednesday!
I'm on the downhill stretch to my little vacation from PaperDoll!  I'm super excited to shut the laptop for a week and just hang with my family.  I'm spending the last few days of this week trying to get as many orders out as possible so I can walk away with a very short PaperDoll To Do list.  Any orders that are not finished by Friday night will be first on the list on July 9th when I reluctantly re-open the door to the PaperDoll Studio.  Actually, I can't even really close the door to my office.  The door sticks.  Funny husband has had to come home from work TWICE to rescue me from my office.  Nora face timed all her friends during one of the incidents and they all found it hilarious.  I could hear them all laughing outside the door.  I'm EXTREMELY claustrophobic so even though my office is not small, the thought of being locked inside had me going a little crazy.  They thought it was too funny!  We finally took the door off the hinges until we can get it fixed because I can't stand the chance of being locked inside again!! on to the picture post!!
 coin purse
 book note pads
 ipadfolio case
 phone case - full image snap on
 mouse pad
 small spiral

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