Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Paper Dollhouse - Bathroom Makeover Reveal!

This dollhouse makeover is entirely too much fun!  Nora and I can't get enough and the boys of the house are a little tired of dollhouse talk.  They better get used to it...we have 5 more rooms to go.  6 if you count the stairs and we are counting the stairs!!

The bathroom is a tiny little room and didn't take long to renovate but we are both super happy with the way it turned out.
 We "wallpapered" with scrapbook paper.
The chandelier in this room works too!  It's another battery operated tea light with sparkly ribbon and a little bit of a chain for hanging.
The bath mats and the towels were cut from an old fuzzy sock of Nora's that had lost its mate.  The "towel bar" is a chain link.  We have really loved trying to figure out what every day objects we could use for our little house.
We already had the furniture but gave the step stool a spray paint makeover.  Oh how we love spray paint!
The bath fizzies are actually heart shaped sprinkles in a mini jar.
I can't stand it.  Mini things are so adorable.

Nora is already dreaming up the NEXT house!!  She has her eye on an even bigger dollhouse with more rooms to decorate.  Nathan has suggested that she sell this one to pay for the new one.  We'll see how she feels about that when this one is all fabulous.  It would be hard to part with it...but a new project would be fun!!

Next up is the bedroom.  Stay tuned!


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  1. It is super FABULOUS!!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! If Miss Nora ever does decide to put it on the market in hopes of finding a home with more square footage, Cal would like to have first right of refusal on this one!! This is a real estate deal we COULD NOT pass up!!

    1. Carri, that would make it so much easier to know that it was going to a good home :) I'll let ya know what she decides.

  2. so cute! I LOVE the tealight chandelier!!! i had a blog a looooooong time ago back in the day and wrote a whole post on this chick..... http://dollhousesbyliz.com

    have you ever seen her site?

    think this might be my late summer project!!!

    1. I'm definitely going to go check that site out. I'm in love with all things dollhouse right now. You should absolutely do a dollhouse reno but only if you promise to send me pics!!

  3. So fun!!! I love all your creative ideas in here- the little sparkly light is so cute! I would love to do something like this with my daughter in a few years :)


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