Friday, May 31, 2013

InstaFriday...Our week in phone pictures

I can't believe it's Fountain Drink Friday already!  The first week of summer flew by!
Here's a little photo phone dump week in review...
reading it! 
This boy was DETERMINED to start a fire.  It was a little windy but he kept at it and eventually got it.  We are loving our little fire pit.  If it would ever stop raining here, we'd return to our outdoor living. 
Poor G.  Nathan realized last weekend that G is definitely old enough to start mowing the lawn. 
Every time Charlie gets on the swing he starts yelling for me to take a picture.  He loves these action shots.  Kinda cool. 
Nora headed out of town with a friend so we decided to do some BOY STUFF and went hiking at Oxley Nature Center. 
It was so much fun and the boys loved it. 
We found LOTS of ticks when we came home so I'm not so sure we'll be returning for a hike there anytime soon. 
When Nora returned we went on a "feed the ducks" outing.  Look at my kids all lovin' on each other!! 

We are keeping Josh's in business this summer!!  LOTS of snow cones have been consumed already.
Nora and I are working on a little dollhouse redo.  We've decided it's time for a summer makeover.  I love that she still loves the dollhouse.  She definitely doesn't play with it anymore but still loves to decorate it and rearrange the furniture.  She's got a little bit of me in her, I think. 
Happy Friday!!!
Have a great weekend! 
UPDATE:  I've never done one of those linky up things before but I just found this one that I think is too cool not to try.  So I'm linking up with Life Rearranged today.
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