Thursday, May 9, 2013

Birthday Donuts, Brownies, Fish....& PaperDoll Pics

Charlie had a great birthday!  I know this because he told me several times!  We started the day off with 7 presents for the 7 year old on May 7th.  GOLDEN BIRTHDAY!
 I took him lunch...elementary lunchrooms are crazy.  I reserve eating at them for birthdays only. 
His class has "birthday snacks" and I let him pick.  He wanted Thunder donuts.  They turned out pretty cool.  I LOVE that donut shop.  They really are super awesome!!!
He was so funny during his class party!  He's definitely not shy and eats up the attention.  I KNOW for sure he does NOT get that from me.
 Instead of a cake, he wanted brownies.  I was still lovin' the cinnamon roll stack so I just went with that idea and "crazied" it up for my Charlie.
For dinner it was, of course, Charlie's Chicken.  I think this is the 4th or 5th year in a row we have eaten there.  He still thinks it was named after him.  After dinner he got to go pick out a fish from his Nana & Pepaw. 
Charlie & Stark (as in in Ironman's real name)
He doesn't look happy at all, does he?
Love that boy!!
Still cleaning out the PaperDoll Pic files...

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