Thursday, May 2, 2013

Window Shopping

I am not an impulse shopper.  I think this is one of the things my husband loves most about me.  I tend to think about buying things for quite some time and usually I end up moving on to something else before I ever buy what I was so in love with.  Of course, sometimes I break down and do a little shopping but I usually really have to think about it.  Yep, my husband loves me.

If I WERE an impulse shopper, these things would be mine already...
 I've had my eye on this cute wallet for a while now.  I love the blue....but think I'd go for the yellow....
I think I've thought about this one long enough and it needs to be mine.  I've been on the hunt for the perfect wallet forever and I think this one is it.

 I've also been thinking about buying another pair of FitFlops.  I LOVE the pair I have and think this tan pair would be perfect for summer.  Should I or shouldn't I?
I fell in love with this white Coach watch a few months ago.  LOVE.  SO PRETTY.  I think this one will stay on the Wish List for awhile. 
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  1. Mama is a really big impulse shopper. I can buy a major piece of furniture in 20 min. Grandma was the same. What happened to you.


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