Monday, January 19, 2009

Moving on...

Mini Butterfly Bag Tag - bow not included :)
Mini Clippies - Big Dotty Pink & Lime Green & Sabrena Stripe (minus the brown)

M&M Tumbes - Pink Striped Shirt
Valentine Candy Bars
Turquoise Maui & Tatum Purple Sports Bottles
Tatum Pink Pencil Cup filled with pencils by Smencils
Black Damask with Hot Pink Calling Cards
Guitar Invitations with matching Groovy Boy insert cards
Blue Striped Shirt Bitty Tiny Favor Boxes & Invitations; Dotty Valentine Candy Bars

© 2009 paperdoll designs


  1. oooohhh, the clipboards turned out soooo cute!!!! They will love them!

  2. I want to come live at your house in the middle of all your craftiness. I love your pictures posts. :)


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