Sunday, January 11, 2009

Love is in the air...

Valentine's Day designs are here!! I've got lots of designs and lots of Valentine's options: Candy Bars, Valentine Enclosure Cards, Lollipop Kits, Bitty Tiny Favor Boxes, Bitty Tiny Crayon Boxes, Playdough, Push Pops, Mini M&M tubes, Candy Rolls and Lip Balms. All of these items make great Valentine's for little kids and kids at heart!!! Click on the Candy Bar images above to see a bigger pic. Candy Bar Images are shown above but the same designs can also be used for any of my other items.

Rainbow Heart Valentine Enclosure Card
Dotty Blue Valentine Enclosure Card

Little Debbie Valentine Enclosure Card

Lollipop Kits: Rainbow Hearts, Flower Power, Pink Black Hepburn, Blue Striped Shirt



  1. Cute Valentines Day Items!! Kiss your brain!!!

    Hope all is well with your new addition .. Olive. She is too cute.

    I have a crafty question from one craft girlie to another ... Madison is having a swim party for her bday. I am in the middle of trying to decide which way to go on the invites .. still designing and grasping .. pool style, flips flops, mermaids ... so many choices. Anyhow ... I am at a loss what to do for favors. Any suggestions? She is inviting the whole class and then so so this will be the biggest party we have ever had ... probally 25-30 kiddos.

    Any suggestions would be fabulous. I think I am in overload and need some suggestions from a crafty momma who I trust.


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