Thursday, January 22, 2009

Charlie, The Random Number Generator

Today I thought it would be fun to ask Charlie to pick a number for the winner. The conversation went like this:

Me: Charlie, can you pick a number between 1 & 57? (57 because 2 of you left comments after we had already picked)

Charlie: Ummmmm.....POOP!!

So, I guess that means he picked number 2! Congratulations Kim!!! Email me your design choice.

I started thinking about all the sweet comments that so many of you left and then I started thinking about how unfair it was since Charlie is only two and obviously doesn't have the number concept down yet SO I decided to pick ANOTHER WINNER!!! This time I let the random number generator do the work:
Congratulations Brooke!!! Email me!!


  1. Yo Charlie! What's up dude, I thought we were tight!
    Congratulations you lucky girls!

  2. I love how you decipher that poop is number 2. Very clever!!!

  3. I have never won anything.... should I give a speech???? I am soooo excited! WHOA!!!

  4. So excited to be the lucky winner! I had a fortune cookie that said that my luck would change this week. It did!!! Thanks Karen. I can't wait to get my adorable new tray. You are so wonderful.


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