Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Exciting Saturday Night...

Well, I'm almost caught up. I'm spending my Saturday night working while The Baker sits in here doing our taxes. Sounds fun, huh? I'm hoping that by Monday I will be taking orders again. Thanks for being so patient and thanks for understanding that life sometimes catches up with me.
Please forgive my overexposed pictures...still trying to figure out the big girl camera...

sippy cups - primary bubbles, blue green stripe, sporty stripe

hippie chic, gumdrops blue & orange and hepburn blue note cards

sports bottles - chocolate tile pink, blue green stripe

bag tags - rocket man, groovy boy

bitty tiny favor boxes - red with sports balls

hepburn pink lunch box

big dotty hot pink with pink shoe - gumball bags, mini candy bars, m&m tubes & bitty tiny crayon boxes

clippies - domino blue with initial circle

black damask hot pink note cards - last name in background

m&m tubes - primary hearts, dotty blue, camo heart

valentine hearts note pad and matching pen

little debbie red bitty tiny favor boxes

little debbie red coaster

hepburn lavender bag tag and mini bag tag
little debbie red mini candy bars
Sweet Terra, this picture is for you. Notice that Charlie's room is a mess. It did not just get that way today or yesterday or even the day before. It's been this way a while now and I am ignoring it. Notice that there are clothes on his train table and to be honest I am not sure whether they are clean or dirty. If you must know, he is sleeping on a bed without sheets tonight. I took them off to wash them and never got around to it. I have no immediate plans to clean this room and there are many other areas of our house that probably look just as bad if not worse. I know for a fact there is a chair in our living room covered in Fruit Loop "dust" from the box that Charlie dumped there. Yes, my children eat sugary cereal. Sometimes I don't even buy the reduced sugar kind. We spend lots of days in our jammies because going somewhere is too much work. There are no perfect mommies but I'm sure you are pretty close to it. Chin up, momma friend. You are doing a great job!
copyright 2009 paperdoll designs


  1. Oh Karen! You are precious. When I scrolled down after looking at more super adorable paperdoll pretties I was smiling to see that sweet Charlie. He is so cute and then I read what you wrote. Thank you so much for that. I needed it. You are one of those "together moms" I picture. I just imagine your house all labeled with super cute paperdoll tags with everything in it's perfect place all of the time, and yummy gourmet food for your children to eat. Thank you for making me feel "normal". Cheers to being mommas, being honest and just letting our kids be kids (messy rooms and all)! Love ya!

  2. YEAH! You finlly got it! You don't have to be the perfect Mom and life goes on. My grandbabies will be no less perfect because you don't follow the rules! Love Mom and Nana p.s. you are still a perfect baby girl!!!!!!!!

  3. I love your confession of messy rooms and wearing jammies all day .... we are definately on the same page. That is part of being a perfect Momma .... not feeling the need to be perfect all day everyday. LOVE IT!!!

    Amazing products as usual. Thanks for sharing! :)


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