Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dr. Charlie

Our poor Charlie has had a rough 2009. He started the year off with a stomach bug that lasted a full week. It was awful. Without too much detail, I will just say it was the worst case this household has ever seen! It was bad. He felt better for just a few days when a nasty virus hit him. It was kind of scary and although our Dr. didn't do the official test he feels like it was probably RSV. I didn't know you could get that at 2. I thought it was only for infants. Needless to say he has spent more time than he would like with the breathing machine over the past week or so. All the visits to the Dr. got him really interested in this dress up outfit that he got from Santa. He's been wearing it quite a bit lately. Of course, once Nora realized that he was down with dress up clothes she went to town. I won't show you "Princess Charlie" or "Cheerleader Charlie." The Baker would die...


  1. He's so sweet. Glad he's getting better. Send me the "Princess Charlie" and "Cheerleader Charlie" and I won't tell Nathan.

  2. just glad to know my son's not the only one gettin' girlied up...and my husband's not the only one who "freaks out" you say. hee, hee. bless you!


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