Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Temporarily Closed

I'm behind. I've got orders piled up and I am desperately trying to catch up, I promise! I've never been in this situation before...in 5 years of PaperDoll I have never been so behind. I'm usually a night owl. I start working each night after the kids go to bed. I stay up late and get orders filled, emails answered, homework checked, permission slips filled out, etc. Last week the Baker was out of town all week. Charlie was on breathing treatments every few hours and pretty much decided he wasn't going to sleep while his daddy was away. By the time I got everyone asleep each night I was barely functioning and just didn't get a lot done. Plus I had an unusually high number of orders come in...crazy! The Baker came home this weekend and I was set to get up Monday and seriously get to work. Monday morning I woke and I was SICK! I drugged myself to make it through the day but this morning we braved the icey roads and went to the doctor. I'm on antibiotics now BUT with no school I'm not sure how much I will accomplish. My 2 and 5 year olds just find my work irresistible. It's almost mean to ask them not to "help" while I sit surrounded by mini candy bars and lollipops and M&M tubes and pretty ribbon and stickers! I'm sure school will be cancelled for a few days so I'm going to build a fort, turn on a movie and hope for the best. Wish me luck!!!

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