Sunday, January 4, 2009


I made of few of these over the Christmas break. I'm kind of liking them...
Maybe I will add them to the website when it's up and running again.
I'm still planning on posting lots of pics soon...I'm trying to enjoy my last day of Christmas break. The kids will be going back to school tomorrow and everything will get crazy again. It's been such a nice break! I've seen movies, I've watched TV, I've actually read 3 1/2 books!!! I've gone to bed before 2 am on a regular basis! It's been really nice not to have to be anywhere every morning. Oh well, Back to life....


  1. But you love the chaos, right! Enjoy your day!!!!

    BTW, love, love, love the clipboards, so cute!

  2. Love the clipboards! Come back to work!!!

  3. Love them and the black and white damask!

  4. LOVE the clipboards!! SO CUTE!

  5. those are really cute...I am not organized enough to need a clipboard, but maybe I should get one and then become organized because of it????


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