Thursday, November 13, 2008

PaperDoll Designs Current Price List

I can't seem to get the spacing right but you'll get the idea...
By request, Click Here to see The Price List.

Here's the fine print...
Prices are subject to change.
Special pricing may apply for special request and custom designs.
Prices do not include shipping or delivery charges.
I have the right to refuse to do business with you if you start acting crazy...I'm kidding...not really.
Prices include ONE proof...unless I screw up and then I'll send another.
All sales are final on personalized items.
Please read care instructions when provided...and remember I will not be able to replace your stationery, sippy cup. lunchbox, etc. if you run over it, lose it, leave it out in the rain, let your dog play with it.....
Email is the best way to place an order!

Thank you!!

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