Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Trick or Treat Review

Graham was Darth Vader like every other boy his age. I swear we could have put on a Star Wars production with all the characters we saw that night.
Nora was a modest cheerleader. Not that I am promoting hoochie mama attire but we laughed because she insisted on wearing a t-shirt underneath so her 5 year old belly button wouldn't show and even though I offered to fix her skirt so it was more "cheerleader length" she politely declined.
Charlie was a pirate. Graham wore this costume way back when and it was one of the few items that I actually kept. You know, we thought we were "done." He was so cute! I loved the earring! "ARGH Matey" is one of his favorite things to say so it was quite perfect.

We had so much fun! We went trick or treating with friends and their hood was definitely in Halloween mode. There were kids EVERYWHERE! It was the best Halloween we have had in years. The weather was beautiful, everyone was happy, great company, good times. #35 was the best birthday yet!!

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