Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last Call for Christmas Orders!

Unfreakinbelievable! My email has gone wild today! I'm feeling so blessed and stressed. Therefore, I'm saying "LAST CALL!" I will not be able to take any more orders after 5 pm Oklahoma time tomorrow. This will give me two weeks to fill orders before heading off to the Metro Holiday Bazaar and the American Girl Fashion Shows. The Metro Bazaar is open to the public this year so let me know if you would like details.
Please accept my apologies for being a little slow to get back to you regarding your orders. I will be in touch soon if you placed an order within the last few days.
Thank you so much for blessing me with your business! I am so grateful! I'll see you in about two weeks!


  1. Is Metro Mart in Oklahoma? If so, send me the scoop - I'm in OKC!

  2. Send me some info on Metro Mart...


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