Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Totally Christmas!

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet but Christmas is definitely here in the PaperDoll Studio! I'm even listening to Christmas music while I work. My cd of choice right now is the Barlow Girl Christmas cd. Love it!
Things are insane!!! I'm getting LOTS of orders and I'm working every chance I get to make sure I get them done in a timely manner. I should be able to stay within my 10 day time frame but please let me know if you need your items by a certain date.
I'm almost completely sold out of Smencils!!! I'll be ordering more but I couldn't believe how fast they flew off of my shelves! I may have to pay Graham a commission. He told all his friends about them today.
Besides Smencils, my most popular items this month have been plates and trays. I'm ordering LOTS of cute ones and I'm just hoping that the company that makes them continues to ship them out quickly.
Be sure to place your orders as soon as you can...I'll be shutting down early this year to prepare for a few Christmas Shows and enjoy Christmas with my family.
Peace, Love & Candy Canes!

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