Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mommy, Can you put the leaves back??

This Old House came with some big old trees. That means LOTS of leaves to rake!!! LOTS! This picture was taken while standing at my back door looking straight down. You can't even see the porch under there and it goes on and on and on. Just the other day we raked up 8 bags and you couldn't even tell!! Charlie asked me if I could please just put them back on the trees. Isn't that cute?? Later he decided they were fun to play in so he'd like to keep them now.
PaperDoll Gift Cards...starting at $10
Groovy Girl Pink & Purple Pencil Cup - Angelina Font (pencils not included)
Hippie Chic Pink Green Purse Calendar - Sweetheart font
Let It Snow Pink Candy Bars...I actually let Graham wrap these for me which is a big deal for my perfectionist ways...don't worry, I don't let him wrap the ones I sell.
Hepburn Pink Plate - Sweetheart
Race Car on Blue Stripes Plate - Chalk font
Maui Pink & Green Plate - Curlz font
Tattoo Baby Hot Pink Plate
Hepburn Pink, Groovy Girl Pink Orange, Dot Dot Darcy Blue Green Smencil Pencil Cups
Hepburn Blue Plate - Sweetheart font
Domino Blue Coaster
Blue Chandelier Tray
Hepburn Green Tray
Hepburn Red Tray
I want to go to this party!! "Drew is Two" variety of party favors - mini candy bars, m&m tubes, Bitty Tiny Crayon Boxes, Lollipops and...
NEW! Play dough Favors - 10 for $12
Cupcake Toppers
PaperDoll Paisley Tan coaster
Travel Tumblers - Hepburn
A little bit of info for you...I just added the words "Smencil" and "unfreakinbelievable" to my spell check...I think you all should do the same.
Bye Bye!


  1. I want to go to Drew's party too!! Those party favors are so "unfreakinbelievably" cute!!! Can I come and take pictures of my little cuties in your leaves? Those are my favorite fall pictures!! Your babies are sure cute in them! Hope you are having a great weekend!!

  2. Oh I love your travel cups! They are thermoses right? How much are they???

  3. Awesome leaf pics!! I noticed the leaves falling last time I picked up an order. I have to confess it made me really happy for my one little bitty tree in my yard - I remember our old house & the endless pretty & fall-y, though!

  4. Beautiful pictures...I love kids in leaves and yours are incredibly adorable in them!


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