Monday, August 19, 2013

Picture Post

I have reached the light at the end of the "back to school" tunnel!  I'm so thankful for the busy season but am thrilled to be getting back to normal in the PaperDoll world.  I'm not gonna lie...the last few weeks have been a little rough.   I've been working about 70 hours a week and had hit burnout and plain exhaustion.  A few weird things have happened lately on the business side of things that have had me in a funk but now that things have slowed down a bit and the kids are back to school, I'm feeling a new found PaperDoll love and am ready to get back to doing what I love.  I'm reorganizing the office, making a work schedule, reevaluating some products and deciding which ones to keep and which ones to discontinue,  and planning out some new packaging. I am also getting super anxious to sit down and come up with some new designs.  Thanks for baring with me during the last few weeks.  I know I was slower to return emails and orders took a bit longer so I really appreciate YOU!


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