Tuesday, August 6, 2013

28 to Great Barre 3 Challenge: Day 17

I'm on day 17 of my Barre 3 28 to Great Challenge!!  For 28 days, a friend and I are sticking to a whole foods diet and have committed to doing barre workouts at least 6 days a week.  The Barre 3 plan has a list of approved foods but basically it is whole foods.  Cheese does not make their list (sad face) and most carbs are a no no too.  It calls for drinking lots of water and getting a good night's sleep.

I can't believe I've made it past the halfway mark!!  Really, I can't believe it.  There are moments when all I can think about is sugar and bread but for the most part, I am surviving.  Here are some of my thoughts on the challenge after 17 days:

  • I picked a bad time to accept a challenge.  This is a pretty drastic change for me considering I have never tried to cut out sugar and I eat a lot more processed foods than I realized and I love bread and cheese.   It probably would have been wise not to do this during one of my busiest work seasons.  I have discovered that I am a stress snacker and carrot sticks just aren't the same as chocolate .  I've had a few grumpy moments.
  • I'm not even really trying to get lots of sleep.  In fact, I just realized this morning when I got my weekly Barre 3 email that sleep was part of the deal.  OOPS!  I've stayed up until 4 am twice this week so I have failed that part of the challenge.  Again...I should have picked a less busy time to try this.  I'm going to try to get more sleep this week and see if my energy picks up.
  • H20.  I'm doing better.  I don't know why it's so hard for me to drink water.  I have never been a water drinker in all of my almost 40 years.  I am not in the habit and I don't crave water when I'm thirsty.  I have to make myself drink it but I'm getting better.
  • I still LOVE barre.  Have you tried it yet?  You must.  It's such a great workout.  My posture is better and I'm seeing some changes in my legs for sure.  The workouts are tough and I'm still sore after almost every workout but I never get tired of it.  Try it.
  • My snack of the week is plain popcorn popped in a brown paper bag in the microwave.  I add sea salt and lots of cracked black pepper.  YUM
  • Our grocery bill has gone way up.  Like, I want to cry at the checkout stand, way up.  WHY is it more expensive to eat healthy???  Makes no sense!  I will say that we have only eaten out once or twice (including lunch) so we aren't spending money at restaurants AND we are eating all of our food instead of letting the fruits and veggies go bad like we have in the past so maybe it's a wash. 
  • I am so glad I had the bar height work table built into my office last year!  It's made the perfect place to work out.  Yesterday I even did 3 ten minute workouts in between filling orders.  Fill an order...do a 10 minute barre online class.  Fill another order...do another 10 minute barre online class...keeps my workday interesting.
Anyone else out there doing the challenge or thinking about it?    I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. love the workouts! hate the food plan :-)
    I agree that right before school starts is a terrible time to make a bunch of changes...too many parties!


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