Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Dollhouse Makeover...the Girl's Room

We haven't touched the dollhouse since July when we did the Craft Room!  We've talked about it a million times and we have really wanted to work on it but you know how it is...we just seem so busy all the time.  Over the weekend, Nora begged for me to work on it with her so as soon as she got home from school on Tuesday, we got started on the girl's bedroom.  Nora chose lime green stripes for the "wallpaper" and hot pink and turquoise for the furniture.
We are still searching for a few odds and ends to make the room complete, but over all, we are so happy with the way it turned out.
 Most of the furniture came from Hobby Lobby.  We just painted it in fun colors.
The little pink chair was from our Pottery Barn Kids dollhouse furniture set. 
The black and white polka dotted rug is just paper that I printed.
I love to put personal touches in the dollhouse.  This "canvas" is a picture of Nora's arm candy!  She's always wearing a ton of bracelets so I just snapped a picture and printed it out.  She wrapped it around cardboard to make it look like a canvas. 

We took a cue from my Instagram feed and covered this mini hanger with sequins. 
The mattresses on the bed are wrapped in felt and the pillows are made from rosette trim.  
The chandeliers are always my favorite part!  We couldn't decide what to do for this room and then Nora suggested covering the tea light in washi.  It turned out perfect!
Of course, it works! 
This Michael's frame was just $1 and was already the perfect color. 

I think one of my favorite parts of the room is the tassel garland.  If you are on IG or read blogs, you'll know that they are everywhere.  I confess, it was a tedious project and Nora got a little bored and wandered off and I got a little obsessed and took way too long trying to perfect it.  It doesn't hang as nicely as I would have liked but I don't think our little dollhouse Lalaloopsies mind. 
The little lamp is from Hobby Lobby...painted pink, of course.
The kitchen is the only room left.  Now that summer is almost here, I hope we can get to it soon.
In case you missed the rest of the dollhouse makeover, you can check out the other room reveals here:
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  1. Hi, I am in love with your adorable dollhouse! I am looking to build one with my little girl too. I especially love your tea light chandeliers, how did you attach the chains to the tea light? Did you just glue them down? Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! You will have so much fun building your dollhouse!! Yes, I just used glue to attach the chains. They are very lightweight so they have stayed nicely. Have fun!!


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