Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Schedule

Years ago, we started celebrating the end of the school week by going to Quik Trip right after school on Fridays.  The kids started calling it Fountain Drink Friday.  A few summers ago, one of the kids suggested Milkshake Monday and it just grew from there. We had so much fun thinking of things to do on each day of the week.  I LOVE a schedule and I have found that my kids do too!  We don't stick to this 100% but I really have found that it helps my sanity SO much.  I don't feel like I should have to entertain my kids 24/7 and I still need to work during the summer so this schedule is a bit of a life saver!  They are much less likely to complain about boredom or interrupt me while I'm trying to work if they know there is a milkshake coming their way. 
Cinema Sunday
We try to do family movie night and usually it's watching something on Netflix rather than actually going to the movies.
Milkshake Monday
Sometimes we go out for milkshakes and sometimes we make our own.  Sometimes we go get snow cones instead.
Take Out Tuesday
My three littles love to eat out.  We try not to do this too often so I love that it seems like a real treat to them.  It could be breakfast, lunch or dinner and it's never fancy.
Water Wednesday
We usually try to go swimming several days a week but on Wednesdays, we make a point to go for sure!
Thinking Thursday
On Thursday we go to the library.  We always do the summer reading program so this is always a regular part of our week.
Fountain Drink Friday
This is the day that started it all and now we end the week with Quik Trip fountain drinks year round!
Sleep In Saturday
My favorite day of the week!!
Do you have a summer schedule?  I'd love to hear about it or even feature it on my blog!  I know there are lots of mommas out there stressing about keeping their sanity during the summer months!

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