Monday, May 12, 2014

Best Mother's Day Ever!

I had the best Mother's Day ever this year.   Hands down, it was my favorite year so far!  Charlie and Nora (and several of their sweet friends) were baptized!
I was SO proud of them both!  Charlie had no fear and I was thrilled that he made the decision on his own.  Nora has been a little shy about it for a few years but really surprised me and was so excited on the big day.  She was only a tiny bit nervous. 
It was even more special to share the day with some of their favorite friends!
Charlie and Molly have been friends forever (literally...their entire lives) so I'm loving this picture!
Our children's pastor, Jamie, baptized Charlie.  Don't you just love the shirt he picked out?  It says "I'm gonna dunk you like a donut!"  So fitting.  So Charlie.

Charlie's teacher came.   She's awesome.
Nora asked our Pastor Rick to baptize her.  He baptized me when I was just a little older than Nora.    That morning he was telling Nora the story of when I accepted Christ.  I couldn't believe that he remembered specific details and it meant the world to me to watch him baptize my mini me!  Amazing day!  My family is now complete! 
I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day too!

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  1. When Nora came out... I was like... oh, yay Nora.... and then Charlie came out and I got a little teary eyed AND THEN Molly came out and I l.o.s.t. it. Perfect Mother's Day gifts!!


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