Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Planner Addicts Photo Challenge..the end.

I wrapped up the Planner Addicts Photo Challenge on Instagram this week.  It was fun...tempted to do another instachallenge soon.
Day 24:  Brand New  I got a new pen holder to attach to my planner.  I was so excited...it's the little things.
Day 25:  Pockets.  Post it note pocket on the inside of my planner.
Day 26:  Pen Case
Day 27:  Planner Charms.  My Arc planner won't hold a charm...and honestly I had no idea people blinged out their planners.  I don't think I would ever add a charm but if I really wanted to, I'd need this planner.  LOVE it!
Day 28:  On the Shelf.  I faked this picture because my planner never goes on a shelf.  It's always with me.
Day 29: LOVE.  The kids section.  My loves.
Day 30:  Wide Open  Work planner and personal planner.

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