Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Phone photo dump

Here's what I've been up to according to my phone photos...
I am in love with my new wooden crates.  I am a sucker for anything with pealing pink or aqua paint.
She fell asleep reading.  Couldn't resist taking a picture.  My girl.
We had family pics taken recently by Annie of Annie Hankins Photography.  I always lay out our clothes like this and get way too analytical about who should wear what.  Nora decided she HATED the navy and white striped jacket above the day before pictures so she wore something else but  I was still pretty happy with the color scheme.  Can't wait to see the pics!
This boy is growing up TOO fast.  I blinked and he's a little man.  Breaks my heart a little but I am loving this stage.  Teenage boys are actually pretty awesome.  At least this one is.
I'm assuming that it's because I'll be having a birthday this week and I'm feeling OLD but I decided I needed to do something a little crazy.  Purple streaks in my hair sounded good.  I took this picture in and while my streaks are definitely not this visible, I do now have some purple hair. 
Pippa.  She's hilarious.
I'm so excited about selling my first prints this week.  I started making them as a way to help myself memorize scripture.  I hope to add lots more to the shop soon!
This pen order just made me happy.
Charlie and his little friends wanted to walk over after their game and watch the 1st grade girls play soccer.  So cute!
Keeping it real...Charlie's room.  I give up.   This mischievous little does not live by the rule "a place for everything, and everything in its place."

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