Sunday, October 20, 2013

What's for Dinner?

Once again, I've stayed away for too long.  It's been a fun, but jam packed, past two weeks.  I still haven't dropped out of my Bible studies,  I've only missed a day or two of my Thy Word in a Year challenge, the PaperDoll Christmas season officially began with a flood of orders, our once a month cooking club started up again, I went to WHATVER CRAFT WEEKEND...for reals...I went!!  AAAHHHH!!  It was one of my most favorite things EVER!!  Graham finished up his cross country season and did AMAZING after sitting out for 3 weeks with an injury and we had family pics taken by the amazing Annie Hankins.  This week will be a little less crazy and I'm hoping to get back into a somewhat normal routine starting with meal planning.
Here's the meal plan for this week...
*I use my PaperDoll Designs Dry Erase Menu Board (THAT HAPPEN TO BE MORE THAN 15% OFF TODAY AND TOMORROW) that is very similar to the above pic to keep my family "in the know" about what's for dinner each week.
SUNDAY: Pork Tenderloin with Apples and Honey
It's in the crockpot right now...smells delicious!
MONDAY:  Breakfast for Dinner
Egg scramblers by request...hash browns, bacon & biscuits.  Everyone will be happy.
TUESDAY:  Leftovers from Sunday
There are two tenderloins cooking away right now so there should be plenty for leftovers on Tuesday.
WEDNESDAY:  Honey Garlic Balsamic Chicken
This will be a freezer meal from my Once a Month Cooking Group.  I'm hoping the family will eat it.  We aren't garlic lovers...we'll see.

THURSDAY:  Bowtie Pasta Bake
My kids really do notice if pasta falls off the weekly menu.  They all love it.  It's not my favorite but I love that there are no kiddy complaints.
FRIDAY:   Pizza
Mazzio's sausage thin crust is our favorite lately.  I'm so glad we have finally ventured out of the all cheese pizza stage.
SATURDAY:  Cilantro Lime Chicken
This is another freezer meal.  I'm so excited that we are meeting up again.  It's AWESOME to have meals in the freezer ready to go!!
That's what I'm making this week!  I'd love to hear what you are having!!  I'm always looking for new dinner ideas!
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