Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Soccer Mom

I recently found my zoom lens for my camera.  It had been hiding in my office behind boxes of envelopes.  I decided to snap some pics of my favorite way to spend my Saturdays.
I LOVE being on the soccer fields watching my number 99.  I really do LOVE being a soccer mom.   I grew up on the sidelines of soccer fields watching my dad and my brothers play and although I am sure I complained about it back then, I love it now.  I am not a sit-in-a-chair-soccer-mom.  I am a pace-the-sidelines-and-yell-a-little-soccer-mom.  I shock myself when I realize I am yelling.  It's unlike me to yell in public.  I don't yell crazy, mean, who's that lady screaming kind of things.  I just cheer.  Loudly.  And try to coach a little.  Speaking of the coach...he's hot.
The Baker...with his coaching face on.

So proud of this boy!  Go Mustangs!

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  1. I so love that boy but put a brick on his head. He looks so big. Love him to the moon and back.


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