Monday, April 15, 2013

My Little Cheerleader & Cupcakes

Nora had a cheer competition on Saturday at Frontier City in Oklahoma City.  We pulled into the gates at 8 am and spent the ENTIRE day there.  It was a long day but it really was fun.  Her squad did AMAZING and got 2nd place. 
Early morning pic of my sweet girl BEFORE all the make-up!
Nora & her friend Macy all glittered up with way too much make-up...but that's they way they do it these days.  Cheerleading has changed...
We ended up having so much fun.  Nora rode her first roller coaster...and hated it BUT I was proud of her for trying it.  Graham got to spend the day like a big kid walking around with 2 of his friends.  He had a blast.  Charlie was a little unsure of some rides and a lot exhausted by the end of the day but did great.  My Fitbit LOVED all the walking I was doing.  The little face on the screen smiled at me all day!
When we were all done with glitter and roller coasters, we headed to Bricktown and stopped by one of my favorite places ever! 
This is by far the CUTEST cupcake/candy store I've ever seen.  I LOVE it!  This store speaks my language!  Chandeliers, cupcakes, black and white and pink, CUTE gifts and all sorts of candy!!!  It was the perfect way to end the day!

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