Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Little Yellow Chair

I've often joked that we don't have "grown up" furniture and don't live in a "grown up" house.  When I visits friends' homes, they seem so "grown up."  I don't know how to explain it any other way but their beautiful homes with beautiful furniture and beautiful artwork seems just that...GROWN UP.  I do love it and maybe someday I'll live in a "grown up" house but for now I love my hand me down, flea market furniture and vintage vibe.  The other day I actually realized that in our entire downstairs we have maybe one piece of furniture that we didn't find at a flea market or have handed down from family.  It makes me kind of happy that I can look at our dining room table and remember when my parents bought it back when I was probably Charlie's age.  I know that the cabinet in our breakfast nook used to be in a little girl's room I know that is all grown up now. Most of the furniture in our bedroom belonged to my mom when she was a little girl.  I also like that when I break out the paint my husband doesn't even bat an eye.  It's not like we are going to ruin an expensive piece of furniture.
For years I have been wanting to paint the hand me down table in our dining room.  It's black.  I don't really do dark furniture.  If I had my way, every piece of furniture in our house would be antique white.  I wish I had taken a picture before sanding down the top of the table but here it is mid redo:
And here it is after painting the base and staining the top:
Of course the chairs and that bench back there now needed a redo. 

Makes the dining room look COMPLETELY different now that the big black table and chairs are gone.
I decided I wanted to do something a little crazier than antique white for the bench and settled on yellow.  I 'm loving it.  While we were painting the bench, I started thinking about my grandma because she always had a yellow dining room.  I can still picture the yellow and white gingham tablecloth that was always on her dining room table.  And in the corner there was a little ice cream parlor chair.  It was my grandma's when she was little.  Every one of her kids and grandkids sat in that chair.  It has been painted a million colors but I remember it best sitting in the corner of her yellow dining room.   I always loved that chair growing up and am beyond blessed to have it now that my sweet grandma is gone.  I had Nora run in and grab it and gave it a little makeover too.  I had painted it light green YEARS ago for Nora's baby room and it was looking so sad and dingy.  Now it looks so happy and reminds me of my grandma and her yellow dining room.
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