Friday, April 12, 2013

Fitbit: My new fav gadget!

I've been on a eat healthy, get fit kick lately.  In fact, my friend Karis and I just realized that one year ago this month we started doing crossfit at The Grand and much to my surprise...we are still at it!  There are weeks (this week) that I am a major slacker, but for the most part I've been pretty good.  I definitely couldn't do it without my exercise buddies!  There are several fabulous ladies that brave the workouts but Karis is a major cheerleader and when I think one more burpee will kill me, she assures me that it won't. 

I started looking into The Fitbit at about the same time that we started doing this crazy exercise thing.  I thought it would be an extra motivator if I knew how many calories I was burning and how many steps I was taking.  I am not an impulse buyer.  It took me almost a year to buy it.  I've been living happily with my Fitbit for about a month now.  I love it. 
I will confess that the first few weeks had me mildly obsessed.  I was constantly checking the screen and syncing the app on my phone to see how many steps I had taken, how many calories I had burned, how many miles I had traveled, etc.  It gives you the goal to take 10,000 steps a day and for a girl that sits at her computer most of the day, that is HARD!  Even on my run days or xfit days, I have a hard time meeting that goal BUT it is motivating!!  There have been several nights that I've run up and down my stairs at 5 minutes until midnight just so I could make my goal.  I've called for impromptu dance parties in living room so I could hit that 10,000.  I've gone so far as to jump on the trampoline with all three kids for some extra steps/calories.  Mommas that have had three babies don't need to jump on trampolines. 

Now that the newness has worn off, I'm not quite as obsessed but I still love it and I still wear it's tiny...clips to my waistband and I never even notice it.  It's my favorite little gadget. I love that it pushes me to move more.  I find myself parking further away at the grocery store so I can get extra steps in.  We've been going on more walks/runs in the neighborhood which my kids love.  It's really pretty cool.  I know there are lots of trackers like this out there but I'm a Fitbit fan!

*this is my own opinion...fitbit didn't ask me to write this...they have no clue who I am.  :) 

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  1. i have one too! I love it (I have the fitbit one which also tracks sleep)


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