Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I abandoned my blog.  It became one more thing that I needed to do.  The ease of Facebook posting won me over.  I had nothing blogworthy to say.
I've started to miss it. 
I'm considering getting back together with my blog.  I know for sure that I don't need another thing on my to do list but I still keep thinking about the blog.  Facebook is definitely easier and for the point of "selling stuff," it really works.  I still don't have anything blogworthy to say but I'm still considering coming back. 
I realized recently that I never take pictures of anything but my products anymore.  Back when I was a "blogger" I would tote my camera everywhere in case a blog moment occurred.  I had a big reality check recently when I was asked to turn in three pics of my sweet baby Charlie for his kindergarten graduation video.  I came up with two.  I had to stage the other.  Bad Mommy.  This would not have happened a few years ago when I was documenting my life via blog. 
I've also realized that I really got to "know" some of my customers through my blog and they got to know me.  I'm real life friends now with many awesome ladies that I probably wouldn't have met had it not been for the blog.  I think business is more fun when you "know" your customers.  Even if it's just through blog comments and facebook comments.  I really feel like I'm friends with those loyal PaperDoll Junkies that leave sweet comments and send emails and leave notes when they pick up their orders.  It really makes work feel less like work.
So, I'm considering a come back.  A lot PaperDoll...a little Karen...
I'm going to post one of those cheesy ABOUT ME type posts a little later to make it official.  I know you can't wait!! ;)

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  1. Well, hip hooray! I love blogs and I can steal pictures of my gkids and find out what's going on in the jameison life when certain people forget to tell me. So Nana is all for it.


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