Friday, April 26, 2013

Cinammon Rolls and Candles

Yesterday was The Baker's birthday.  I really need a new name for him...he rarely bakes anymore.  sniff, sniff.  I've been so busy with PaperDolly stuff that I didn't think ahead about making/buying him a cake.  Thank goodness for good friends who deliver homemade birthday cinammon rolls first thing in the morning!!  He loves them so much so Nora suggested we just make them his cake.  I stacked them on a cake stand and stuck candles all over and called it good. Thank you, Shelle!
He loved it!
He gets cuter every year.  I jokingly like to tell The Baker how lucky he is all the time that he is married to me but everyone that knows Nathan knows that I'm the lucky one.  He's almost too good to be true.  I'm a lucky girl.
All those candles on the cinammon roll stack reminded me of something that I read a few months ago about celebrating all the little things with candles.  I can't remember where I read it but it was a blog post/article/pinterest or something about using candles in whatever...doesn't have to be celebrate life's little accomplishments.  Score a soccer goal?  Candle in your pizza at dinner.  Do great at a dance recital?  Candle in your pancakes.  Make straight A's?  Candle in your mashed potatoes!   I knew that my kids would love that and meant to put it into practice but totally forgot about it.   To keep myself from forgetting, I put all the candles in a jar and left it on the dinner table.  Now I think I will remember.  Can't wait to surprise one of the kids with candles in their spaghetti!!
They are an inexpensive way to celebrate and there are some super cute candles out there too!

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  1. Oh are SO GOOD! I'm all over your *CANDLE idea! Life is WAY.TOO.SHORT to only have them once a year. Thank you for the inspiration. Hugsxxx, K


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