Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer 2011

I can't believe we are out of school and summer has officially started at our house! The end of the year festivities always leave me looking forward to summer but once it actually gets here I start thinking "UH OH! How am I going to make it through the summer without going insane???" I always feel this intense need to entertain my kids right along side an intense need NOT to entertain my kids because I shouldn't be spoiling them. I also feel super guilty about working while they are home and at the same time I don't know why I feel guilty because again...I shouldn't spoil them. Spoiling them usually wins...
Last year we did this list and we might do it again this year but we are also going to do this:We've been doing Fountain Drink Friday for several years during the school year. A few weeks ago after discovering the QT milkshakes (they are super yummy) they decided we should have Milkshake Monday. I decided that might be a fun summer treat. That lead to Taco Bueno Tuesday. Then came WhataBurger Wednesday but we decided to change it to Whatever Wednesday so we can fill in the blank on Wednesdays. Might be eating out, might be a movie, might be sleepovers...we'll see. Thinking Thursday will be a trip to the library which leads us right back to the original: Fountain Drink Friday.

Today I bribed them...Milkshake Monday was only happening if they cleaned their cubbies and rooms. They are cleaning right now.

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