Sunday, May 15, 2011

Race Car Party Part IV...Charlie's Tires & The Collision Center

Yes, I'm still talking about the Race Car Party! My friend Holly took so many great pictures I just HAD to break it down into several posts. Next up is Charlie's Tires.

We used chocolate donuts as "tires" and had a tire stacking contest. I put Nora and her friend Macy in I never even had to touch a melty chocolate donut.
I love that Charlie has his tongue sticking out...he always does that when he's really concentrating.
They all really got into it.
Have you seen the Volkswagon commerical with the pinata? We had that pinata at our party in the "Collision Center." It WOULD NOT BREAK!!
All these little guys (and a few little girls) lined up over and over again but it would not break. Finally the Birthday Dad had to bust it open.

The last post will be coming favorite...Tag Agency #5

Part III is HERE

Part V is HERE

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