Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Charles Oliver!

My baby's 5th Birthday snuck up on me way too fast. It seems like my Sir Charles Oliver was just born. I think because I knew he was the last and because he was the third (and I kinda had the hang of it) I enjoyed his baby-ness just a little bit more. I've cherished it all and tried to hold onto each phase a little bit longer but he's growing up too fast. Each month, each year, I find myself thinking all the this the last time he'll fall asleep in my arms? Is this the last night he'll crawl into bed with us? Is this the last time he'll ask to be picked up? Is this the last time he'll say "bermember" instead of "remember" or "refrigelator" instead of "refrigerator?" Charlie is for sure the baby of the family. I still carry him. I still cave when he cries. I still scoot over gladly when he crawls into our bed. I still let him have his way much too MUCH TOO often. I can't help it. He's my baby. Part of me hates to let my 4 year old Charlie go. I love this boy. He's the perfect combination of sweet and mischevious.

Happy 5th Birthday Charlie!!


  1. I know you cried as you were typing this. You did didn't you?

  2. Karen ~ I feel your sentiments exactly! I never understood my Mom with my younger sister (baby of five) until I had Owen. Oh should be a diagnosable condition!!
    p.s. Charlie is one of the KA-YUTEST little boys ever!


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