Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Race Car Party: Part 1 - Pit Stop

I was thrilled when Charlie decided he wanted a race car party instead of Batman. My brain started spinning immediately because you know I LOVE to plan a party!! I was so happy with the way it all turned out and the birthday boy looked pretty happy too!
I ordered his Race Car plate sooo late but thank goodness it showed up the day before!

My amazing friend Holly, who loves a party almost as much as I do...maybe more, came over TWICE the week before the party to help me get ready AND showed up early to the party to take all these fabulous pictures! Thank you Holly!!!

Of course a race car party needs a Pit Stop (aka Food Table.)

This little black and white checkered cake was adorable!

I did a happy dance over these cookie pops!! They matched the invitation perfectly!! LOVE Carlene at Simply Sweets by Carlene. She does an awesome job.

These are cookies. I think they were the talk of the party. My mother in law told me about them so I had to make them. They really do look like mini hamburgers. So cute!

The chocolate bars at the food table might not have been the best idea. Those boys were helping themselves to one after another. Sticky chocolate fingers and lots of hyped up little boys!!!

Coming soon...Chucks Gas & Sip, Charlie's Tires, Tag Agency #5 and more!

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  1. How did I miss out on a piece of cake? Did you ever cut it?


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