Friday, October 1, 2010

29 Things

Happy October! It's my birthday month. Two years ago I made this list and I must say that 35 was my best birthday ever. I decided to do the birthday list again...29 Things this year because, well, just because. 29 is a good age so we'll pretend. I stole a lot of things from the 35 Things list but there are some new ones too.

Here's the 2010 checklist...I'll keep you updated on my progress!

1. Go to The Cheese Cake Factory and try a new kind of cheese cake!!! Red Velvet is my very favorite but I'm gonna be crazy and get something different. I'm crazy like that...

2. Go see Social Network....heard it was good!

3. Get a pedicure.

4. Go to Anthropologie. They even sent me a fancy little birthday coupon. They love me.

5. Commit a few random acts of kindness...anonymously if possible.

6. Take my kids to get those super cute donuts at our favorite donut shop. I will be having a Pinecone because they are yummy, yummy, yummy. Have you had one??

7. Have lunch at school with my kids.

8. Try a new recipe.

9. Open a beautifully wrapped present (even if I have to wrap it myself.)

10. Take one full day off...No working...AT ALL.

11. Go to the Carrie Underwood concert.

12. Do my Beth Moore Breaking Free homework every day and try not to get behind. This study is fabulous. I highly recommend.

13. Take a really long nap with no interruptions.

14. Sleep in with no interruptions.

15. Finish the redo of Nora's room. She has entered the "I don't like pink" phase and we decided to finally let her have her wish...a turquoise room. It's bright, but it's growing on me and I just can't wait to finish it. It's coming along slowly....

16. Go to Queenie's and have a breakfast scrambler and hope that I show up on the bacon, tomato, asparagus day.

17. Go to bed before least once.

18. Go out with friends for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, whatever.

19. Use my fabulous new sparkly cupcake stand. It's so cute I can't stand it and I've had it for over a month and haven't used it yet!!

20. Get new bedding. This is sad because it was on the list 2 years ago and I STILL haven't done it. I spotted some Dwell bedding at Target the other day that I'm loving...

21. Buy, or better yet, GET fresh flowers. Hint, hint to the husband. Will someone tell him? He doesn't read this silly thing.

22. Organize my closet and drawers. Sort, purge, clean! love it!

23. Have a fondue night...this family loves a fondue night.

24. Do some serious Christmas shopping. I've already started but I like to be finished gets crazy busy up in the PaperDoll shop in November/December.

25. Buy something sparkly. I love things that sparkle.

26. Make a photo book for my poor children who have hardly ever seen a picture of themselves in print.

27. Use my china. We've NEVER used it. EVER.

28. Paint a pumpkin. I say I'm going to do this every year when I see all the cute ones in magazines and blogs...never do it. Maybe this is the year.

29. Not freak out when I don't cross everything off this list. A "to do" list with things not crossed off stresses me out...

Stay posted for Birthday Specials and Give-Aways this month!!!


  1. omg. i have a million things to say...i'll hafta write them all down and get back to you...omg.

    sparkly cupcake stand. really?

  2. You should have lunch with your Mama on her birthday and your Dad on his. October is a busy month.

  3. I'd like to be part of #18. Miss you friend and love your list. Karen Davidson Smith


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