Monday, October 4, 2010

Blast from Christmas Past

I will have Christmas Cards and other Christmas items listed in the shop by the end of the week but until then I thought you might enjoy a blast from the past. Here are the cards from previous years and many of them will be available this year.
Hippie Chic Christmas Tree
Hippie Chic Christmas Horizontal Pic
Hippie Chic Christmas Vertical Pic
Candy Christmas Trees Horizontal Pic
Candy Christmas Stripe Horizontal Pic
Candy Christmas Stripe Vertical Pic
Peace, Love & Candy Canes with Film Strip of Pics
Hepburn Blue Horizontal Pic...You may substitute the Hepburn design for Damask Hepburn Pink Film Strip Pics
Hepburn Red Vertical Pic
Chocolate Tile with Pink - Horizontal Pic
Chocolate Tile with Red Horizontal PicChocolate Tile with Blue Vertical Pic
Chocolate Tile with Green Horizontal Pic
Domino Blue
Domino Hot Pink
Damask (many color options available)
Flower Power Christmas

Snowflakes (also available in pink/red & green/red)
Let It Snow! (also available in pink & blue) Little Debbie Christmas Gingham Christmas GumDrop Stripes (chocolate shown) Christmas Gumdrops Christmas Gumdrops turquoise Berry Christmas (also available in pink & blue)
Big Dotty Christmas (available in many color options)
Dot Dot Darcy (available in many colors)

StarBright Green

StarBright Blue

StarBright Pink

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  1. I love seeing the pics of Nora, Graham and Charlie... they were so cute. and the one of just Charlie's chubby baby face... I could eat him up!


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