Sunday, October 24, 2010

29 Things Update & Product Pics

#8. Try a new recipe...CHECK. I made my dad's favorite for his birthday - Hodge Podge Stew. I had never made it before so it was a new recipe to me. I made a HUGE pot full and thought we'd be eating it for weeks but by the end of the night it was gone so I guess that means I made it right :)
#10. Take one full day off...CHECK. We just got back from Branson with friends and I didn't work at all while I was there. TWO full days off was even better!!
damask dot green, turquoise & brown tumbler
matching pen
chandelier mini candy bars
princess dotty fill ins
sports themed mommy note pads
keep calm & pray note pads
drum set note pads
tan stripe note pads & matching pen
lime dotty note pads & matching pen
blue & black damask note pads & matching pen

© 2010 paperdoll designs

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