Monday, October 18, 2010

29 Things Update

1. Go to The Cheese Cake Factory and try a new kind of cheese cake...check!! Had a date with my sweet hubs on Saturday night. Chocolate Godiva Cheesecake...yum!! Red Velvet is still my favorite but this one was delicious!!!

3. Get a pedicure...check! Went with a friend, even better.

13. Take a really long nap with no interruptions...I slept for 2.5 hours on Saturday afternoon. It was awesome. We had family pictures taken that day (see below) so I deserved it.

18. Go out with friends for breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, whatever...check AGAIN!! Lunch with a friend before the pedicure.

24. Do some serious Christmas shopping....Check! I started with Nora and I only have one thing left to get for her. Now I'm moving on to the boys.

25. Buy something sparkly...Check! I've had my eye on a blingy belt. It wasn't expensive but I am trying to be thrifty with Christmas coming up and all so I kept passing it by. 30% off on the day that I just happened to have an extra 15% off coupon...DONE. I can be spotted from a mile away when I'm wearing it...SPARKLY!!
30. There weren't 30 things on the original list but getting family pics taken should have been number 30. Nathan and I have not been in pics with the kids since Nora was a tiny baby so we had the Fabulous Malisa do some downtown shots. So far I've only seen this sneak peak but I am loving it and can't wait to see more. I HATE having my picture taken...hate it. It was kind of like torture for me so I deserved that nap. Malisa is the best.

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  1. YOU LOOK SMOKIN HOT!!!! AMAZING!! I totally love that outfit! :) Everybody else looks great too! But let's face it - if Momma doesn't like the way she looks - photo time was a waste - right? :)

  2. Did you check off all your wishes for the month? Sorry your necklace was broken but I bet you like CU better anyway. Happy Birthday to my baby girl (even though I had the number wrong)


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