Monday, October 11, 2010

29 Things & PaperDoll Pics

#11. See Carrie Underwood in concert. CHECK. No one sings "How Great Thou Art" like Carrie. Unbelievable.

#18. Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner with friends. CHECK. I got to have lunch with my customer/e-friend turned real life friend Terra last week and last night we went out with some friends before the concert. So fun!

That's about all I've accomplished on my list so far...better get busy.

Pink Chandelier Note Cards

Hippie Chic Pink & Brown Note Cards
Hepburn Lime & Hot Pink Lunchbox
Dot Dot Darcy Brown & Blue Note Cards
Fancy Gumdrops Flat Note Cards
Pumpkin Stripe Candy Bars
Orange Stripe H2O Labels
Orange Dotty H2O Labels
Zebra Hot Pink Note Pads & Pen
Rainbow Dot Bubble Gum Bags
Rainbow Dot Cupcake Toppers
Custom Pink & Green Cupcake Toppers
Custom Menu Cards

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